Media & Press

Jon Kamen/Radical Media: Chairman and CEO of Radical Media. Accomplishments include an Academy Award, Golden Globe, Emmy, Grammy. Radical Media is the largest commercial production in the world.

Frank Scherma/Radical Media:: President of Radical Media and partner with Jon Kamen. Brings the same resume and accomplishments as Jon Kamen.

FreMantle Media: Producers of American Idol, Britain’s Got Talent, and X-Factor. Working on the next reality show for TV, Divas and Jocks.

Jimmy Smith/TBWA Chiat Day: Creative mind behind Divas and Jocks. Originally put together the Dwight Howard workout video synoposis and morph into a Reality Show.

Nigel Miguel/ II Jam Production: The talent coordinator oversees pre-production , stand-ins, and site locations of the shoot. Nigel works closely with Jimmy on all production.

Donna Lamar and Javier Castillo: Creative, part of Jimmy’s team and the engine behind many projects. Will help shape each show he is involved with and creates a canvas of great art.

Vibe Magazine: Editor, Thomas Golianopoulos

ESPN The Body Issue: Featuring Dwight Howard and B Meyer quotes

Men’s Health: Article on off season training with Coach B Meyer

USA Today: Article on training Dwight Howard with Coach B Meyer

Orlando Sentinel: Numerous training articles on Coach B and his training

Channel 6 News Live Sport Cast: Sports Anchor David Ping had Dwight and Coach B on live sports report

Stack Magazine and An educational training magazine and website for the athlete

WFTV Channel 9

WESH Channel 2

FOX Channel 35

CFN Channel 13

“Bryan Meyer is one of the best guys in the Strength and Conditioning Field. He is creative, energetic and passionate about his craft. To make players work hard, give their best and enjoy it all while kicking their butts. That is a mark of a true teacher. Bryan Meyer is a true teacher.”

- Coach Sutton, USA Basketball Coach and Assistant Coach GWU