Media & Press

Jon Kamen/Radical Media: Chairman and CEO of Radical Media. Accomplishments include an Academy Award, Golden Globe, Emmy, Grammy. Radical Media is the largest commercial production in the world.

Frank Scherma/Radical Media:: President of Radical Media and partner with Jon Kamen. Brings the same resume and accomplishments as Jon Kamen.

FreMantle Media: Producers of American Idol, Britain’s Got Talent, and X-Factor. Working on the next reality show for TV, Divas and Jocks.

Jimmy Smith/TBWA Chiat Day: Creative mind behind Divas and Jocks. Originally put together the Dwight Howard workout video synoposis and morph into a Reality Show.

Nigel Miguel/ II Jam Production: The talent coordinator oversees pre-production , stand-ins, and site locations of the shoot. Nigel works closely with Jimmy on all production.

Donna Lamar and Javier Castillo: Creative, part of Jimmy’s team and the engine behind many projects. Will help shape each show he is involved with and creates a canvas of great art.

Vibe Magazine: Editor, Thomas Golianopoulos

ESPN The Body Issue: Featuring Dwight Howard and B Meyer quotes

Men’s Health: Article on off season training with Coach B Meyer

USA Today: Article on training Dwight Howard with Coach B Meyer

Orlando Sentinel: Numerous training articles on Coach B and his training

Channel 6 News Live Sport Cast: Sports Anchor David Ping had Dwight and Coach B on live sports report

Stack Magazine and An educational training magazine and website for the athlete

WFTV Channel 9

WESH Channel 2

FOX Channel 35

CFN Channel 13

“Leading into the World Championship I knew Coach B had given me the tools to win and the rest was up to me. He takes his craft very serious and teaches as he trains.”

- Vinny Moriera, Brazil BMX 2009 World Champ