Mark Theisen

Mark Theisen is a co-owner of the B Meyer Traning Center. With his experience in general contracting and his passion for fitness, he combined the two and collaborated with Bryan to create a specialized fitness facility.

Having been a client for a number of years with friend and co-owner Bryan, Mark carved out a unique portfolio of clients in a short time frame. Having a background in non-traditional sports, Mark specializes in athletes that are wakeboarders, surfers, tri-athletes, tennis and baseball players.

Marks drive whether he is in the gym coaching or on the road building his new superfood beverage “Drink Chia”, is to be active and encourage people to get the best out of their bodies and life.

He has worked with some incredible people that are Division 1 athletes, ASP charging surfers like the Geiselman brothers, and Food Network Champions like Hollis Wilder to name a few, but is most proud of his decision to change careers all centered around his lifestyle and passions.

Contact: 407-948-2429 or

“Leading into the World Championship I knew Coach B had given me the tools to win and the rest was up to me. He takes his craft very serious and teaches as he trains.”

- Vinny Moriera, Brazil BMX 2009 World Champ