• What's the difference? #keiser air #freeweights #bands try #strength #heartrate class and see #strengthcurves put to progressions no class like it 
Monday wed 6pm
Saturday 9am
    • Do you think stretching works? #bmeyertraining
    • #chicago visit FAM old HS friend Kevin came support my 1 day of #usabmx @ rainy Rockford 5th in main  1.  Never talk to friend when  u should b up on gate 2.  Keep bike close by incase they run your main after quarters 3.  Wipe tire after rain will slip on gate. 
#1fan Kevin only fan. #gtbikes @gtbicycles #vetpro @ss801 thank you
    • Not good or bad just knowledge.  The linear drop lunge or push back lunge in this example doesn't use push off muscles with ankle. You can see athlete uses heel to push back not toes.  Every exercise has pro and con no one exercise fits all.  #bmeyertraining what lunge are you doing for leg days?
    • Great end to the week with @dlbmx1 and some dedicated young athletes #usabmx gym session pump track sprint work.  Clinic #2 June 27th 10-12am @gtbicycles #gtbikes.
    • You can work the trunk by not doing twists and crunches #bmeyertraining separate the hips from the trunk not an easy progression #nba #basketball #china #orlandomagic #strength #bmeyertraining #nbaallstar #power are you training to be better in your sport?  Always have a reason for every exercise.
    • #strength #heartrate group hits workout #52 this weekend #bmeyertraining #strengthcurves no class puts this much science behind it #coachbmeyer Saturday 930am
    • #aspen old clip rehab summer cable squat press.  Lots of variations depending on where cable is located and also how close or far you stand toward the machine.  Good or bad your shoulders are involved.  #bmeyertraining
    • Roll outs on the med ball.  What can you do b4 this progression?  #bmeyertraining
    • Bailey had a good workout w his buddies today.  #bmeyertraining
    • Email Dlbmx1@hotmail.com to sign up.
    • Back issues try this linear crunch.  Never allow your head to come off the ground.  Take top 2 fingers and try and shrink the distance from top fingers to bottom fingers and keep head on floor.  Hold for 10 sec relax and repeat.  Still works those abs just easier on the back .  One of many progressions  we use with clients #bmeyertraining train different.  Book in future plans to help trainers and everyday people train smarter stay tuned.
    • Don't let the weight tell you what full range of motion is let your body tell you.  Everyone is different improve it without being forced if that is your goal. #tompurvis stay safe #bmeyertraining we are different
    • @spencer_taylor8 w #tiff fun finisher after his workout had to throw his sister and cousin in the mix & who is that in background #bigguy ?
    • Use of bands with DB row to make strength profile better.  No one exercise is perfect.  Join #strength #heartrate class or train w staff and learn the difference.  #bmeyertraining model is @spencer_taylor8 flexed out
    • Post training the future #usabmx riders this weekend little private session.  Enjoying helping the next generation of riders on my down time #coachbmeyer @gtbmx_official #gtbikes
    • Always a why behind every exercise #bmeyertraining missing a few but great class today #bmeyertraining #coachbmeyer
    • #strength #heartrate class today 1 of 4 exercises in #strength curve progressions for push .  Never workout w strength curve progressions join Monday 630 wed 630 sat 930am new month starts Monday #bmeyertraining burn 600-1000 calories while gaining #strength
    • #strength #heartrate group next class Saturday @ 930am.  #strength #metabolic
    • Getting clipped in main #usabmx over weekend.  Made some grocery $ and had some fun #safe @gtbicycles @gtbmx_official @ss801 thanks for the support. #tired
  • “Leading into the World Championship I knew Coach B had given me the tools to win and the rest was up to me. He takes his craft very serious and teaches as he trains.”

    - Vinny Moriera, Brazil BMX 2009 World Champ