TRX Group Classes
Monday 10a TRX Intermediate Back to School Glutes Galore (Aug-Sept) / 6p Intermediate MORE CORE / 7p Advanced MORE CORE

Wednesday 6p Intermediate Total Body / 7p Advanced Endurance

Thursday 12p TRX Intermediate Back to School Glutes Galore (Aug-Sept)

Saturday 8a TRX Bootcamp & Beyond / 9a TRX Basic – Intermediate Group Class

TRX Basic Total Body Blast
Build overall strength, balance & flexibility with this Total Body program.
Saturdays 9am

TRX Intermediate
A dynamic workout that combines TRX Total Body exercises and cardio drills designed to keep pushing you aerobically and challenge your strength.
Mondays 6pm (More Core Challenge)
Wednesday 6pm

TRX Advanced Endurance Training
Take your training to the Next level with TRX endurance training. Geared towards individuals who want to perform their best, build a leaner more athletic body, improve balance and flexibility and reduce injury.
Mondays 7pm (More Core Challenge)
Wednesdays 7pm

TRX Fusion Classes with Coach Val
Class geared towards strength & movement off the TRX while improving your performance on the TRX. Intended to compliment the Thursday 12p TRX class. Monthly commitment of 2x weekly required.
Tuesdays 12pm

TRX Back to School Glutes Galore (Aug-Sept) *Oct 1st begins Warrior Princess Bootcamp
Intermediate level class using the suspension trainer to target the Glutes and keep your heart pumping!!
Mondays 10am
Thursdays 12pm

TRX Bootcamp & Beyond
Bootcamp classes designed to push you harder than you’d push yourself, combining intervals of cardio drills and muscle conditioning using the TRX suspension trainer, BOSU trainer, Ropes, Kettlebells and Resistance Bands. Workout in a TEAM environment while challenging yourselves with others to reach your personal fitness goals. (Outdoors-weather permitting)
Saturdays 8am

New Fitness Challenge on October 1st~ Mon/Thurs TRX Warrior Princess Bootcamp ending 12/18. For additional information and to register for classes, please contact Anne at

All Class sizes limited to 12. PLEASE provide 24 hour notice of cancellation. Classes are 50-60 min unless otherwise noted.

First Class $10. One time class $18. Purchase Class cards (4) $60 ~ (8) $ 96 ~ (12) $120

Please note: class cards valid for 30 days from date of purchase/12 class card valid for 45 days

Ask about the Loyalty Program class card disounts!!

Please contact Coach Anne with any questions or to reserve your spot in a class

“You’ll start feeling stronger after a week or two. It’s fun, but you have to be mentally strong to survive a week of workouts with Bryan.”

- Dwight Howard, NBA Houston Rockets