B Meyer Lemon

A unique opportunity was presented to Coach B Meyer last year. His friends at Drink Chia, the Omega-3 Superfood Drink, infused with whole organic chia seeds, happened to be looking for a spokesperson for their latest flavor – Blueberry Meyer Lemon aka (“ B Meyer Lemon”) the coincidence with the initial and as well as the companies common goals were perfect.

Because Coach B Meyer is all about shaking things up and inspiring people to be better. This new relationship will serve as the perfect platform to share a message that what you put into your body does really matter while raising funds for an incredible cause.

A portion of the pro “seeds” of this drink will benefit the D12 Foundation.

“To plant seeds, cultivate them, and watch them grow.” – Dwight Howard, founder of the D12 Foundation

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“Bryan Meyer is one of the best guys in the Strength and Conditioning Field. He is creative, energetic and passionate about his craft. To make players work hard, give their best and enjoy it all while kicking their butts. That is a mark of a true teacher. Bryan Meyer is a true teacher.”

- Coach Sutton, USA Basketball Coach and Assistant Coach GWU