B Meyer Lemon

A unique opportunity was presented to Coach B Meyer last year. His friends at Drink Chia, the Omega-3 Superfood Drink, infused with whole organic chia seeds, happened to be looking for a spokesperson for their latest flavor – Blueberry Meyer Lemon aka (“ B Meyer Lemon”) the coincidence with the initial and as well as the companies common goals were perfect.

Because Coach B Meyer is all about shaking things up and inspiring people to be better. This new relationship will serve as the perfect platform to share a message that what you put into your body does really matter while raising funds for an incredible cause.

A portion of the pro “seeds” of this drink will benefit the D12 Foundation.

“To plant seeds, cultivate them, and watch them grow.” – Dwight Howard, founder of the D12 Foundation

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“Leading into the World Championship I knew Coach B had given me the tools to win and the rest was up to me. He takes his craft very serious and teaches as he trains.”

- Vinny Moriera, Brazil BMX 2009 World Champ